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Industrial Wastewater Compliance

Global ASR  is providing industrial wastewater and stormwater support services to various LAMetro Bus and Rail facilities.

Scope of services include:

  • Industrial Wastewater (IWW) Permit application support including regulatory agency coordination and site visits construction sites and operating facilities.

  • Quarterly wastewater sampling using ISCO autosamplers (flow based or time based).

  • Preparation of Semi-Annual Monitoring Reports (SMRs).

  • Preparation of Annual Surcharge Summaries including electronically submission through the Industrial Waste Facility Online Reporting System (IWFORS).

  • Oil Water Separator (OWS) performance sampling.

  • Monthly dry-weather industrial stormwater site inspections.

  • Annual pre-rainy season facility BMPs maintenance oversight.

  • Rain event stormwater sampling.

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